Welcome to the House Of Scattergood, the web-home of musician,  actor, playwright and Interfoolery black belt Andrew ‘Skatz’ Scattergood (a.k.a. ‘Skatz the Singer’)

Skatz Summer Sundae small

Click on one of the titles on the menu bar to find out about Skatz and how you can interfool with him.

You can also leave him a message on any of these pages.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello Andrew;
    Because it`s raining……time for other interesting things to do and relax.
    We are hearing Your CD from Yesterday evening in our Camper Van and surching for information online.
    The Nuernberg Festival starts tomorroy. May be You are interested to see some details and participate perhaps next years; would fit perfect: https://bardentreffen.nuernberg.de/en
    Greeting from Rita and Bernhard Kohl (German listeners at the bar).

    • Hi Rita and Bernard. Lovely to meet you. I hope you are seeing more of Ireland now the weather has improved. That festival looks great, I’d love to play there. However I would have to be paid well to make it worthwhile. This time of year is when I make most of my money here.

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