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4 thoughts on “Contact Skatz

  1. Hello Skats

    Don’t know if you will remember us, Alterego, We were at Mortimer’s this summer. Just listenintg to ‘Gobbin down the Mobile’ – Dave Taylor, long time friend of ours, and Steve Cartwright and assume you were responsible for Swift Nick. Would you mind if we nick it? We are based in York and think it would be a great song to do at some of our ‘Irish’ gigs.

    Hope everything is going well.


  2. Hello Andrew, just been listening to your CD,s that I bought from you on Saturday night in the Bridge bar in Port age,absolutely fantastic, a really great night,all our best wishes,George,Susan,Julie and (JohnMassey) what a coincidence and boy a really great song.
    Best Regards
    George Loftus

    • Cheers George, that was a great night, I love playing at The Bridge and you lot made it even better by dancing and singing along. Next time you’re planning to be in the area let me know and I’ll see if I’ve a gig on.

  3. Hi Skatz,

    Not sure if you’ll rememeber us he we were in Waterville, Kerry end of Jun last year. There was a bug group of us drinking in The Lobster Bar until close. We had a great night and really enjoyed listening to you play.

    We are getting married in next April (2018) and we are wondering if you would be available for the day after. We haven’t chosen the venue yet but it will be in the Ratoath, Meath area. The date would be April 7th (a Saturday night). We’d probably want music from from early evening until as late as you’d be willing to play.

    Let us know what you think and send us on your availability and pricing!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards,
    Siobham & Ger

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