Here are loads of testimonial soundbiteds from people who have employed Skatz as a musician, actor, workshop leader and music therapist. Please write to Skatz if you would like to see the full testimonials.

Can we keep Skatz!

From the teachers’ report, King Richard III Infants School, Leicester

Staff were amazed at Skatz’s abilities to put words to music and vice versa – give him a couple of minutes and he’d have a song.

Rachel Barnett, Creative Agent, Creative Partnerships Leicester

I want to tell you about the day that Skatz stole my imagination and then gave it back to me only ten times better than ever before!

From the workbook of a pupil at Milverton Primary School, Leamington Spa

The variety of projects for which we employ Skatz demonstates both the high regard in which we hold him and his flexibility as an artist.  His song writing is inventive and has enhanced all projects; it was universally acclaimed on the tour of Crazy Hair.  His songs are tailored skilfully to each particular audience and have considerable charm and appeal.

His acting is also versatile.  He has the ability to connect with the audience – whether they are from the general public or a group of learning disabled students.
Christopher Davies, Creative Director, Bamboozle Theatre

Skatz has been regularly visiting Amy at home for 2 years and in this time has created a wonderful music session that Amy responds to incredibly well. He has managed to combine the enjoyment and fun of music with some learning and sensory experiences. Amy loves to hear him sing and play but also loves to feel the instruments and the vibrations they make. She has learnt to anticipate the drums and remove her hands from the guitar strings but most magically of all she has learnt to mimic the sounds that Skatz makes with his voice. Skatz has learnt how to read when Amy is ready to “sing” and when she just wants to listen in order to get the most out of the sessions. This is remarkable when you think Amy made hardly any sounds at all when Skatz first started working with her.

Iona Mayo, Amy’s mum

Skatz has always been a charismatic and effective partner… His undoubted musicianship is matched by his sensitivity to the creative potentials of particular atmospheres. I have personally observed a number of unique and intense interactions with students where he has managed to use his voice and instrument to elicit hitherto unseen communications with students with very little language.

John Naylor, Advanced Skills Teacher, Yeoman Park Special School

Working with Skatz has enriched creativity, given greater confidence and artistic knowledge to staff. Both the staff and children would joyfully welcome Skatz back to Milverton.

Katie Gane, Milverton Primary School, Leamington Spa

…huge thanks – it was excellent! We’ll look forward to working with you again!

Linda Harding, Leicester Museums

I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Skatz on a recent project titled Seven Sea Side Stories and a Bag of Chips… Skatz worked with students from a local college to create music and lyrics for a show. He performed alongside the students and created a high quality piece of theatre. I really enjoyed working in collaboration with him, as his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I enjoyed developing ideas with him and sharing skills. Every part of the production process was fun when he was around. I hope that I get to work with him again in the future.

Fiona King, Birmingham REP Theatre

I can only say Skatz was an absolute joy to go to work with!… I found him to have excellent instincts … the deaf children I worked with, who really need exceptional clarity, responded particularly positively to his animated personality and willlingness to get physically involved while they were dancing.

Louise Katerega, Director of Foot In Hand company and Creative Agent, Creative Partnerships Leicester

I would heartily recommend Skatz for any arts workshops in schools. His manner was very professional, from the planning stage, through to the day and follow up. The children and staff were inspired by his energy and enthusiasm and obvious love of music and poetry.

Jeanette Eddy, Teacher, Glebelands Primary School, Leicester

Skatz has a unique delivery style and is capable of focussing even the most difficult audience. He had a creative approach to the delivery of our science, technology and music activities. Full of ideas and suggestions, Skatz was able to support us in delivering a successful project. Many thanks for your hard work Skatz and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Tom Carter, Lab 13 Scientist, Crown Hills Community College



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