Skatz’ Services

What can Skatz do for you?

Live Music Gigs – festivals, theatres, pubs, weddings, parties; a massive repertoire of music (both original and covers), a guaranteed full-on great performance, a big voice and guitar playing that doesn’t need a band to get you on the dancefloor.

Music/Songwriting/Writing Workshops – in schools, at festivals, anywhere; tailor-made to suit your needs

Music Therapy – for people with Special Needs or Dementia – very experienced with autism and complex needs

YouTube Entertainment – Presenting and Editing YouTube videos – YouTooSpain is Skatz’s growing channel all about moving to Spain

Harmony Singing – acapella, close harmony, backing vocals, session singing

Comedy Acting – with 5 years of stand-up comedy experience and plenty of theatre experience

Guitar Teaching – learn to play like Skatz, develop the confidence to play in front of others or even just learn enough chords to get by around the campfire

Skatz Live Shows are:
Passionate, groovy, funny and heartfelt.
His original music is acoustic, flavoured with world rhythms – folk story sensibilities with smatterings of ska and reggae.

Creative Workshops

Skatz’ creative workshops in schools are:

Child-led, free-thinking, imagination-opening, team-building, encouraging, enlivening, non-judgemental, fun, cross-curricular, inspiring for teachers, wide-ranging, confidence-building, fun, lovely to be part of, fun, and, erm… fun. And did we mention FUN!

He can help schools with anything from simple rhythm and song games all the way through to the process-focussed, theme-led imagination-fests that he ran for many years in the UK and Ireland.

Skatz’ multitude of talents and skills, added to his boundless energy and enthusiasm for creativity and life in general, make his workshops positive forces for improvement in writing, focus, team skills, awareness of the world around us and the inner world of the imagination, concentration, risk-taking, resourcefulness and confidence.


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